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Create job

Creates a job.

Delete RBA category

Deletes an RBA category.

Categories are only deleted when no scripts exist in that category (or related child categories).

Get job types list

Gets the list of job types.

Get output logs

Gets paginated output logs of a script.

Get tenant jobs list

Gets the list of jobs defined by a tenant.

This endpoint can be used to fetch the paginated list of the scheduled jobs of a partner or client.

Manage jobs

Gets, update, and delete the jobs.

Manage RBA categories

Creates and updates an RBA category and gets a list of RBA categories.

Manage scripts

Creates and deletes a script and gets a list of scripts for a category.

Manage scripts by ID

Gets and update the details of a script.

Run a script

Runs a script.

Define scripts as code that can run commonly-run tasks. This endpoint can be used to run an existing job script.

Run scheduled job

Runs a scheduled job.