This guide helps you get oriented to the basics of OpsRamp. You will onboard a couple of servers into OpsRamp by following these steps:

  • Create a Client.
  • Install the OpsRamp Agent on your servers.
  • Apply Monitoring Templates to monitor the availability of your servers.


  • Your organization has Partner account in OpsRamp, and an access URL like this:
  • You have a user account within your organization, with Partner Adminstrator role.
  • We recommend that you use two compute instances (or virtual machines) for this exercise. You can use Linux or Windows instances.

Step 1: Log into your account

Go to your access URL:

Step 2: Create a client

  • Go to Setup > Account Management > Clients
  • Follow the task flow on this page to create a new client. Leave the default settings in each step as is.

Step 3: Install the agent

  • Go to Setup > Downloads > Agent.
  • Follow instructions on this page to download and install the agent on your servers.
  • Validate that the Agent is running on both servers.

The OpsRamp Agent runs as two OS processes - Agent and Agent Shield, a watchdog process for the Agent.

Check that both processes are running:

  • On Linux, use this command:
    > ps -ef | grep opsramp
  • On Windows, use Task Manager.

Step 4: Validate that your servers are onboarded

  • Go to Infrastructure > Resources > Server. You should see your servers listed.

Step 5: Assign monitors

  • Go to Setup > Monitor Management > Assign Templates
  • Select your client, then Assign Templates to resources and Cloud for collector type.
  • Select your servers under Select Resources.
  • Select the OpsRamp Agent Status Template under Select Monitoring Templates.
  • Go to Infrastructure > Resources > Server. You should now see the availability status of your servers as Up.

Step 6: Check the dashboard

  • Go to Dashboards
  • You should the default dashboard for your client, show inventory and availability widgets for your servers.

Step 7: View alerts

  • Power off one of your instances.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Go to Alerts. You should see an alert with status Critical and subject OpsRamp agent is offline. This indicates that OpsRamp is successfully monitoring the availability of your server.
  • Power the instance back on.
  • You should see the alert’s stats turn from Critical to OK.

Congratulations! You have just successfully onboarded your first servers.