etcd is a distributed key-value store that provides a reliable way to store data that needs to be accessed by a distributed system or cluster of machines. It handles leader elections during network partitions and can tolerate machine failure, even in the leader node.


For Virtual machines, install the Linux agent.

Configuring the application

Virtual machine

Configure the application in the directory /opt/opsramp/agent/conf/app/discovery/auto-detection.yaml

- name: etcd
      - etcd
      - etcd
      - 2379

Docker environment

Configure the application in the directory /opt/opsramp/agent/conf/app/discovery/auto-container-detection.yaml

- name: etcd
      - etcd
      - 2379

Kubernetes environment

Configure the application in config.yaml

- name: etcd
      - etcd
      - 2379


Go to Resources under the Infrastructure tab to check if your resources are onboarded and the metrics are collected.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitDescription
etcd_debugging_mvcc_db_compaction_keys_totalMvcc Db Compaction KeysmillisecondTotal number of db keys compacted
etcd_debugging_mvcc_db_compaction_pause_duration_milliseconds_bucketMvcc Db Compaction Pause DurationmillisecondBucketed histogram of db compaction pause duration
etcd_debugging_mvcc_db_compaction_total_duration_milliseconds_bucketMvcc Db Compaction DurationbyteBucketed histogram of db compaction total duration
etcd_debugging_mvcc_db_total_size_in_bytesMvcc Db Size In BytesbytesTotal size of the underlying database
etcd_debugging_mvcc_delete_totalMvcc DeleteTotal number of deletes seen by this member
etcd_debugging_mvcc_events_totalMvcc EventsTotal number of events sent by this member
etcd_debugging_mvcc_index_compaction_pause_duration_milliseconds_bucketMvcc Index Compaction Pause DurationmillisecondBucketed histogram of index compaction pause duration
etcd_debugging_mvcc_keys_totalMvcc KeysTotal number of keys
etcd_debugging_mvcc_pending_events_totalMvcc Pending EventsTotal number of pending events to be sent
etcd_debugging_mvcc_put_totalMvcc PutTotal number of puts seen by this member
etcd_debugging_mvcc_range_totalMvcc RangeTotal number of ranges seen by this member
etcd_debugging_mvcc_slow_watcher_totalMvcc Slow WatcherTotal number of unsynced slow watchers
etcd_debugging_mvcc_txn_totalMvcc TxnTotal number of txns seen by this member
etcd_debugging_mvcc_watch_stream_totalMvcc Watch StreamTotal number of watch streams
etcd_debugging_mvcc_watcher_totalMvcc WatcherTotal number of watchers
etcd_debugging_server_lease_expired_totalServer Lease ExpiredTotal number of expired leases
etcd_debugging_snap_save_marshalling_duration_seconds_bucketSnap Save Marshalling DurationsecondThe marshalling cost distributions of save called by snapshot
etcd_debugging_snap_save_total_duration_seconds_bucketSnap Save DurationsecondTotal latency distributions of save called by snapshot
etcd_debugging_store_expires_totalStore ExpiresTotal number of expired keys
etcd_debugging_store_reads_totalStore ReadsTotal number of reads action by (get/getRecursive), local to this member
etcd_debugging_store_watch_requests_totalStore Watch RequestsTotal number of incoming watch requests (new or reestablished)
etcd_debugging_store_watchersStore WatchersCount of currently active watchers
etcd_debugging_store_writes_totalStore WritesTotal number of writes (e.g. set/compareAndDelete) seen by this member
etcd_disk_backend_commit_duration_seconds_bucketDisk Backend Commit DurationsecondLatency distributions of commit called by backend
etcd_disk_backend_snapshot_duration_seconds_bucketDisk Backend Snapshot DurationsecondLatency distribution of backend snapshots
etcd_disk_wal_fsync_duration_seconds_bucketDisk Wal Fsync DurationsecondLatency distributions of fsync called by wal
etcd_grpc_proxy_cache_hits_totalGrpc Proxy Cache HitsTotal number of cache hits
etcd_grpc_proxy_cache_keys_totalGrpc Proxy Cache KeysTotal number of keys/ranges cached
etcd_grpc_proxy_cache_misses_totalGrpc Proxy Cache MissesTotal number of cache misses
etcd_grpc_proxy_events_coalescing_totalGrpc Proxy Events CoalescingTotal number of events coalescing
etcd_grpc_proxy_watchers_coalescing_totalGrpc Proxy Watchers CoalescingTotal number of current watchers coalescing
etcd_network_client_grpc_received_bytes_totalNetwork Client Grpc Received BytesbytesTotal number of bytes received from grpc clients
etcd_network_client_grpc_sent_bytes_totalNetwork Client Grpc Sent BytesbytesTotal number of bytes sent to grpc clients
etcd_server_has_leaderServer Has LeaderWhether or not a leader exists. 1 is existence, 0 is not
etcd_server_is_leaderServer Is LeaderWhether or not this member is a leader. 1 if is, 0 otherwise
etcd_server_leader_changes_seen_totalServer Leader Changes SeenNumber of leader changes seen
etcd_server_proposals_applied_totalServer Proposals AppliedTotal number of consensus proposals applied
etcd_server_proposals_committed_totalServer Proposals CommittedTotal number of consensus proposals committed
etcd_server_proposals_failed_totalServer Proposals FailedTotal number of failed proposals seen
etcd_server_proposals_pendingServer Proposals PendingCurrent number of pending proposals to commit