WildFly, formerly known as JBoss AS, or simply JBoss, is an application server authored by JBoss, now developed by Red Hat. WildFly is written in Java and implements the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) specification. It runs on multiple platforms.


  1. Add the following in kubernetes YAML file, in the containers section:
command: ["/opt/jboss/wildfly/bin/standalone.sh"]
args: ["-b", "", "-bmanagement" ,""]
  1. For Virtual machines, install the Linux agent.

Configuring the credentials

Configure the credentials in the directory /opt/opsramp/agent/conf/app.d/creds.yaml

- name: wildfly
  user: <username>
  pwd: <Password>
  encoding-type: plain
    key1: val1
    key2: val2

Configuring the application

Virtual machine

Configure the application in the directory /opt/opsramp/agent/conf/app/discovery/auto-detection.yaml

- name: wildfly
      - wildfly
      - wildfly
      - 8080
      - 9990

Docker environment

Configure the application in the directory /opt/opsramp/agent/conf/app/discovery/auto-container-detection.yaml

- name: wildfly
      - wildfly
      - 8080
      - 9990

Kubernetes environment

Configure the application in config.yaml

- name: wildfly
      - wildfly
      - 8080
      - 9990


Go to Resources under the Infrastructure tab to check if your resources are onboarded and the metrics are collected.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitDescription
wildfly_datasources_pool_in_use_countdatasources pool in useNumber of open connections
wildfly_datasources_pool_wait_countdatasources pool waitNumber of requests that had to wait to obtain a physical connection
wildfly_datasources_pool_idle_countdatasources pool idleNumber of physical connections currently idle
wildfly_datasources_pool_xacommit_countdatasources pool xacommitNumber of XAResource commit invocations
wildfly_datasources_pool_active_countdatasources pool activeNumber of XAResource active invocations
wildfly_datasources_pool_xarollback_countdatasources pool xarollbackNumber of XAResource rollback invocations
wildfly_datasources_pool_xarecover_countdatasources pool xarecoverNumber of XAResource recover invocations
wildfly_datasources_jdbc_prepared_statement_cache_current_sizedatasources jdbc prepared statement cache current sizeNumber of prepared and callable statements currently cached in the statement cache
wildfly_datasources_jdbc_prepared_statement_cache_miss_countdatasources jdbc prepared statement cache missNumber of times that a statement request could not be satisfied with a statement from the cache
wildfly_datasources_jdbc_prepared_statement_cache_hit_countdatasources jdbc prepared statement cache hitNumber of times that statements from the cache were used
wildfly_transactions_number_of_aborted_transactions_totaltransactions aborted transactionsTotal number of transactions which have aborted
wildfly_transactions_number_of_application_rollbacks_totaltransactions application rollbacksNumber of transactions rolled back by the application.
wildfly_transactions_number_of_committed_transactions_totaltransactions committed transactionsNumber of committed transactions.
wildfly_transactions_number_of_heuristics_totaltransactions heuristicsNumber of transactions which have terminated with heuristic outcomes
wildfly_transactions_number_of_inflight_transactionstransactions inflight transactionsTotal number of inflight (active) transactions.
wildfly_transactions_number_of_nested_transactions_totaltransactions nested transactionsNumber of nested (sub) transactions created so far.
wildfly_transactions_number_of_resource_rollbacks_totaltransactions resource rollbacksNumber of transactions rolled back by participants.
wildfly_transactions_number_of_system_rollbacks_totaltransactions system rollbacksNumber of transactions that were rolled back due to an internal system error.
wildfly_transactions_number_of_timed_out_transactions_totaltransactions timed out transactionsTotal number of transactions rolled back due to timeout.
wildfly_transactions_number_of_transactions_totaltransactions transactionsNumber of transactions (top-level and nested) created so far.
wildfly_undertow_error_count_totalundertow errorNumber of 500 responses that have been sent
wildfly_undertow_processing_time_total_secondsundertow processing time secondssecondsTotal processing time of all requests handed by this listener
wildfly_undertow_request_count_totalundertow requestrequestsNumber of requests served
wildfly_undertow_bytes_sent_total_bytesundertow bytes sent bytesbytesNumber of bytes that have been sent out
wildfly_undertow_bytes_received_totalundertow bytes receivedbytesNumber of bytes that have been received
wildfly_undertow_active_sessionsundertow active sessionsNumber of active sessions
wildfly_undertow_expired_sessions_totalundertow expired sessionsNumber of expired sessions
wildfly_undertow_sessions_created_totalundertow sessions createdTotal sessions created
wildfly_undertow_rejected_sessions_totalundertow rejected sessionsNumber of sessions that have been rejected
wildfly_undertow_session_max_alive_time_secondsundertow session max alive time secondssecondsLongest time that an expired session had been alive
wildfly_undertow_session_avg_alive_time_secondsundertow session avg alive time secondssecondsAverage time that expired sessions had been alive