Metrics server aggregates the usage of data over the cluster of a resource.

Metrics server uses summary API exposed by kubelet that runs on each node of cluster to collect metrics.


Go to Resources under the Infrastructure tab to check if your resources are onboarded and the metrics are collected.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitDescription
kube_metrics_go_gc_duration_secondsGo GC Duration SecondssecondsAverage summary of the GC invocation durations since last pool
kube_metrics_authenticated_user_requestsAuthenticated User RequestsRequests / secondCounter of authenticated requests broken out by username
kube_metrics_go_goroutinesGo GoroutinesNumber of goroutines that currently exist
kube_metrics_manager_tick_durationManager Tick DurationsecondsAverage time spent collecting and storing metrics since last pool
kube_metrics_scraper_durationScraper DurationsecondsAverage time spent scraping sources since last pool
kube_metrics_scraper_last_timeScraper Last TimesecondsLast time metrics-server performed a scrape since unix epoch
kube_metrics_go_gc_duration_seconds_quantileGo GC Duration Seconds QuantilesecondsSummary of the GC invocation durations
kube_metrics_kubelet_summary_request_durationKubelet Summary Request DurationsecondsAverage Kubelet summary request latencies since last pool
kube_metrics_kubelet_summary_scrapes_totalKubelet Summary Scrapes Totalper secondTotal number of attempted summary API scrapes done by metrics server
kube_metrics_process_max_fdsProcess Max FdsMaximum number of open file descriptors
kube_metrics_process_open_fdsProcess Open FdsNumber of open file descriptors
kube_metrics_process_cpu_seconds_totalProcess Cpu Seconds TotalsecondsTotal user and system CPU time spent