Stage variables are name-value pairs that are defined as configuration attributes. These variables are associated with a deployment stage of a REST API,
act like environment variables, and can be used in your API setup and mapping templates.

For example, you can define a stage variable in a stage configuration, and then set its value as the URL string of an HTTP integration for a method in your REST API. Later, you can reference the URL string using the associated stage variable name from the API setup.


To set up the OpsRamp AWS integration and discover the AWS service, go to AWS Integration Discovery Profile and select API Gateway Stage.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
aws_apigateway_4XXError4XXErrorCountAVERAGENumber of client-side errors captured.
aws_apigateway_5XXError5XXErrorCountAVERAGENumber of server-side errors captured.
aws_apigateway_CountCountCountAVERAGENumber of calls to API methods.
aws_apigateway_LatencyLatencyMillisecondAVERAGETime between when API Gateway receives a request from a client and when it returns a response to the client.

Event support

CloudTrail event support

  • Not Supported

CloudWatch alarm support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp AWS Integration Discovery Profile.

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