A cluster is a collection of individual HSMs that AWS CloudHSM keeps in synchronization.

For example, if you can think of a cluster as one logical HSM, when you do a task or operation on one HSM in a cluster, the other HSMs in that cluster are automatically kept up to date.

You can:

  • Create a cluster that has from 1 to 28 HSMs. Default limit: 6 HSMs per AWS account per AWS region.
  • Place the HSMs in different Availability Zones in an AWS Region.
  • Add more HSMs to a cluster for higher performance.


To set up the OpsRamp AWS integration and discover the AWS service, go to AWS Integration Discovery Profile and select Cloud HSM Cluster.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
aws_cloudhsm_HsmUnhealthyHSM UnhealthyNoneAverageThe HSM instance is not performing properly. AWS CloudHSM automatically replaces unhealthy instances. The cluster size can be proactively expanded to reduce performance impact while the HSM is being replaced.
aws_cloudhsm_HsmTemperatureHSM TemperatureNoneAverageJunction temperature of the hardware processor. The system shuts down if temperature reaches 110 degrees Centigrade.
aws_cloudhsm_HsmKeysSessionOccupiedHSM Keys Session OccupiedNoneAverageNumber of session keys being used by the HSM instance.
aws_cloudhsm_HsmKeysTokenOccupiedHSM Keys Token OccupiedNoneAverageNumber of token keys being used by the HSM instance and the cluster.
aws_cloudhsm_HsmSslCtxsOccupiedHSM Ssl Ctxs OccupiedNoneAverageNumber of end-to-end encrypted channels currently established for the HSM instance.
aws_cloudhsm_HsmSessionCountHSM Session CountNoneAverageNumber of open connections to the HSM instance.
aws_cloudhsm_HsmUsersAvailableHSM Users AvailableNoneAverageNumber of additional users that can be created.
aws_cloudhsm_HsmUsersMaxHSM Users MaxNoneAverageMaximum number of users that can be created on the HSM instance.
aws_cloudhsm_InterfaceEth2ErrorsInputInterface Eth2 Errors InputNoneAverageInterface Eth2 Errors Input.
aws_cloudhsm_InterfaceEth2ErrorsOutputInterface Eth2 Errors OutputNoneAverageInterface Eth2 Errors Input.
aws_cloudhsm_InterfaceEth2PacketsInputInterface Eth2 Packets InputNoneAverageInterface Eth2 Packets Input.
aws_cloudhsm_InterfaceEth2PacketsOutputInterface Eth2 Packets OutputNoneAverageInterface Eth2 Packets Output.
aws_cloudhsm_InterfaceEth2DroppedInputInterface Eth2 Packets InputNoneAverageInterface Eth2 Packets Input.
aws_cloudhsm_InterfaceEth2DroppedOutputInterface Eth2 Packets OutputNoneAverageInterface Eth2 Packets Output.
aws_cloudhsm_InterfaceEth2OctetsInputInterface Eth2 Octets InputNoneAverageInterface Eth2 Octets Input.
aws_cloudhsm_InterfaceEth2OctetsOutputInterface Eth2 Octets OutputNoneAverageInterface Eth2 Octets Output.

Event support

CloudTrail event support

  • Not Supported

CloudWatch alarm support

  • Not Supported

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