Amazon GameLift is a fully managed service for deploying, operating, and scaling session-based multi-player game servers in the cloud.

Amazon GameLift replaces the work required to host your own game servers, including:

  • Buying and setting up hardware.
  • Managing ongoing activity, security, storage, and performance tracking.

Auto-scaling capabilities reduces payment on resources that are needed, while ensuring that games are available for new players to join with minimal waiting.

Uploaded game servers are hosted on Amazon GameLift virtual computing resources, called instances. Hosting resources are set up by:

  1. Creating a fleet of instances.
  2. Deploying the instances to run the game server (either a custom game server or configured real-time servers)

You can design a fleet to fit your game’s needs.


To set up the OpsRamp AWS integration and discover the AWS service, go to AWS Integration Discovery Profile and select Gamelift Fleet.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
aws_gamelift_ActiveInstancesActiveInstancesCountAverageInstances with ACTIVE status, which means they are running active server processes.
aws_gamelift_DesiredInstancesDesiredInstancesCountAverageTarget number of active instances that Amazon GameLift is working to maintain in the fleet.
aws_gamelift_IdleInstancesIdleInstancesCountAverageActive instances that are currently hosting zero (0) game sessions.
aws_gamelift_MaxInstancesMaxInstancesCountAverageMaximum number of instances that are allowed for the fleet.
aws_gamelift_MinInstancesMaxInstancesCountAverageMinimum number of instances allowed for the fleet.
aws_gamelift_PercentIdleInstancesPercentIdleInstancesPercentAveragePercentage of all active instances that are idle.
aws_gamelift_InstanceInterruptionsInstanceInterruptionsCountAverageNumber of spot instances that have been interrupted.
aws_gamelift_ActiveServerProcessesActiveServerProcessesCountAverageServer processes with ACTIVE status, which means they are running and able to host game sessions.
aws_gamelift_HealthyServerProcessesHealthyServerProcessesCountAverageActive server processes that are reporting healthy.
aws_gamelift_PercentHealthyServerProcessesPercentHealthyServerProcessesPercentAveragePercentage of all active server processes that are reporting healthy.
aws_gamelift_ServerProcessAbnormalTerminationsServerProcessAbnormalTerminationsCountAverageServer processes that were shut down due to abnormal circumstances since the last report.
aws_gamelift_ServerProcessActivationsServerProcessActivationsCountAverageServer processes that successfully transitioned from ACTIVATING to ACTIVE status since the last report.
aws_gamelift_ServerProcessTerminationsServerProcessTerminationsCountAverageServer processes that were shut down since the last report.
aws_gamelift_ActivatingGameSessionsActivatingGameSessionsCountAverageGame sessions with ACTIVATING status, which means they are in the process of starting up.
aws_gamelift_ActiveGameSessionsActiveGameSessionsCountAverageGame sessions with ACTIVE status, which means they are able to host players, and are hosting zero or more players.
aws_gamelift_AvailableGameSessionsAvailableGameSessionsCountAverageGame session slots on active, healthy server processes that are not currently being used.
aws_gamelift_PercentAvailableGameSessionsPercentAvailableGameSessionsPercentAveragePercentage of game session slots on all active server processes (healthy or unhealthy) that are not currently being used.
aws_gamelift_GameSessionInterruptionsGameSessionInterruptionsCountAverageNumber of game sessions on spot instances that have been interrupted.
aws_gamelift_CurrentPlayerSessionsCurrentPlayerSessionsCountAveragePlayer sessions with either ACTIVE status (player is connected to an active game session) or RESERVED status (player has been given a slot in a game session but has not yet connected).
aws_gamelift_PlayerSessionActivationsPlayerSessionActivationsCountAveragePlayer sessions that transitioned from RESERVED status to ACTIVE since the last report.

Event support

CloudTrail event support

  • Supported (CreateFleet, DeleteFleet)
  • Configurable in OpsRamp AWS Integration Discovery Profile.

CloudWatch alarm support

  • Not Supported

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