AWS Step Functions (State Machines) is a web service that coordinates the components of distributed applications and microservices using visual workflows. Applications are built from individual components.

Each component performs a discrete function or task which allows you to scale and change applications quickly.


To set up the OpsRamp AWS integration and discover the AWS service, go to AWS Integration Discovery Profile and select State Machine.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
aws_states_ExecutionTimeExecutionTimeMillisecondsAverageInterval, in milliseconds,between the time the execution starts and the time it closes.
aws_states_ExecutionThrottledExecutionThrottledCountAverageNumber of StateEntered events and retries that have been throttled. This is related to StateTransition throttling.
aws_states_ExecutionsAbortedExecutionsAbortedCountAverageNumber of aborted or terminated executions.
aws_states_ExecutionsFailedExecutionsFailedCountAverageNumber of failed executions.
aws_states_ExecutionsStartedExecutionsStartedCountAverageNumber of started executions.
aws_states_ExecutionsSucceededExecutionsSucceededCountAverageNumber of successfully completed executions.
aws_states_ExecutionsTimedOutExecutionsTimedOutCountAverageNumber of executions that time out for any reason.

Event support

CloudTrail event support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp AWS Integration Discovery Profile.

CloudWatch alarm support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp AWS Integration Discovery Profile.

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