Azure SQL Managed Instance is a intelligent, scalable cloud database service that combines the broadest SQL Server database engine compatibility with all the benefits of a fully managed and evergreen platform as a service.


To set up the OpsRamp Azure integration and discover the Azure service, go to Azure Integration Discovery Profile and select Sql Managed Instance.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
azure_sql_managedinstances_virtual_core_countVirtual Core CountCountAverageVirtual Core Count.
azure_sql_managedinstances_avg_cpu_percentAvg Cpu percentPercentAverageAverage CPU percentage.
azure_sql_managedinstances_reserved_storage_mbStorage space reservedCountAverageStorage space reserved.
azure_sql_managedinstances_io_requestsIO requests countCountAverageIO requests count.
azure_sql_managedinstances_io_bytes_readIO bytes readBytesAverageIO bytes read.
azure_sql_managedinstances_io_bytes_writtenIO bytes writtenBytesAverageIO bytes written.
azure_sql_managedinstances_storage_space_used_mbStorage space usedCountAverageStorage space used.

Event support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp Azure Integration Discovery Profile.

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