Having multiple versions of your app within each service allows you to quickly switch between different versions of that app for rollbacks, testing, or other temporary events. You can route traffic to one or more specific versions of your app by migrating or splitting traffic.


To set up the OpsRamp Google integration and discover the Google service, go to Google Integration Discovery Profile and select GOOGLE/Appengine Service.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
google_appengine_system_cpu_usageCPU usageSecondsAverageObtain the per-core CPU utilization ratio by performing a rate operation on a point: doubleValue/(end-start), then divide by instance/cpu/reserved_cores at the corresponding end timestamp.
google_appengine_flex_disk_read_bytes_countDisk read bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes read from disk.
google_appengine_flex_disk_write_bytes_countDisk write bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes written to disk.
google_appengine_flex_network_received_bytes_countReceived bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes received from network.
google_appengine_flex_network_sent_bytes_countSent bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes sent over network.
google_appengine_flex_cpu_reserved_coresReserved coresCountAverageNumber of cores of CPU reserved for the container. If no core limit is set, this will be zero.
google_appengine_flex_cpu_utilizationCPU utilizationCountAverageThe percentage of the allocated CPU that is currently in use on the container. If no core limit is set, then this metric is not set.
google_appengine_http_server_dos_intercept_countInterception countCountAverageDelta count of interceptions performed to prevent DoS attacks.
google_appengine_http_server_quota_denial_countQuota denial countCountAverageDelta count of requests that failed due to the app being over quota.
google_appengine_http_server_response_countResponse countCountAverageDelta HTTP response count.
google_appengine_http_server_response_latenciesResponse latencyMilliSecondsAverageHTTP response latency.
google_appengine_http_server_response_style_countResponse count by styleCountAverageDelta counts on the HTTP serve style.
google_appengine_memcache_centi_mcu_countMemcache utilizationCountAverageMemcache utilization in one hundredth of Memcache Compute Unit grouped by command.
google_appengine_memcache_operation_countMemcache operationsCountAverageCount of memcache key operations, grouped by command and status.
google_appengine_memcache_received_bytes_countMemcache received bytesBytesAverageNumber of bytes received by app from the memcache API, grouped by status and memcache command.
google_appengine_memcache_sent_bytes_countMemcache sent bytesBytesAverageNumber of bytes sent by app through the memcache API, grouped by memcache command.
google_appengine_system_instance_countInstance countCountAverageNumber of instances that exist.
google_appengine_system_memory_usageMemory usageBytesAverageTotal memory used by running instances.
google_appengine_system_network_received_bytes_countReceived bytesBytesAverageDelta count of incoming network bandwidth.
google_appengine_system_network_sent_bytes_countSent bytesBytesAverageDelta count of outgoing network bandwidth.

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