Cloud SQL is a fully managed database service that makes it easy to set up, maintain, manage, and administer your relational PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server databases in the cloud.

Cloud SQL offers high performance, high availability, scalability, and convenience. Built on future-proof infrastructure that has Google’s private global network and world-class security, Cloud SQL takes care of the mundane tasks of managing databases so that you can focus on building great applications.


To set up the OpsRamp Google integration and discover the Google service, go to Google Integration Discovery Profile and select Cloud SQL.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
google_cloudsql_database_upServer upCountAverageIndicates if the server is up or not. On-demand instances are spun down if no connections are made for a sufficient amount of time.
google_cloudsql_database_uptimeUptimeSecondsAverageDelta count of the time in seconds the instance has been running.
google_cloudsql_database_network_connectionsConnectionsCountAverageNumber of connections to the Cloud SQL instance.
google_cloudsql_database_network_sent_bytes_countSent bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes sent through the network.
google_cloudsql_database_disk_bytes_usedBytes usedBytesAverageData utilization in bytes.
google_cloudsql_database_disk_write_ops_countWrite operationsCountAverageDelta count of disk write IO operations.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_innodb_data_fsyncsInnoDB fsync callsCountAverageDelta count of InnoDB fsync() calls.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_innodb_os_log_fsyncsInnoDB log fsync callsCountAverageDelta count of InnoDB fsync() calls to the log file.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_innodb_pages_readInnoDB pages readCountAverageDelta count of InnoDB pages read.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_innodb_pages_writtenInnoDB pages writtenCountAverageDelta count of InnoDB pages written.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_queriesQueriesCountAverageDelta count of statements executed by the server.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_questionsQuestionsCountAverageDelta count of statements executed by the server sent by the client.
google_cloudsql_database_cpu_reserved_coresCpu Reserved CoresCountAverageNumber of cores reserved for the database.
google_cloudsql_database_cpu_usage_timeCpu Usage TimeCountAverageCumulative CPU usage time in seconds.
google_cloudsql_database_cpu_utilizationCpu UtilizationCountAverageThe fraction of the reserved CPU that is currently in use.
google_cloudsql_database_disk_quotaDisk QuotaCountAverageMaximum data disk size in bytes.
google_cloudsql_database_auto_failover_request_countAuto Failover Request CountCountAverageDelta of number of instance auto-failover requests.
google_cloudsql_database_available_for_failoverAvailable FailoverCountAverageDelta of number of instance auto-failover requests.
google_cloudsql_database_disk_read_ops_countDisk Read Ops CountCountAverageDelta count of data disk read IO operations.
google_cloudsql_database_disk_utilizationDisk UtilizationCountAverageThe fraction of the disk quota that is currently in use.
google_cloudsql_database_memory_quotaMemory QuotaBytesMaximumMaximum RAM size in bytes.
google_cloudsql_database_memory_usageMemory UsageBytesAverageRAM usage in bytes. Sampled every 60 seconds.
google_cloudsql_database_memory_utilizationMemory UtilizationCountAverageThe fraction of the memory quota that is currently in use.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_received_bytes_countMysql Received Bytes CountCountAverageDelta count of bytes received by MySQL process.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_sent_bytes_countMysql Sent Bytes CountCountAverageDelta count of bytes sent by MySQL process.
google_cloudsql_database_postgresql_num_backendsPostgresql Num BackendsCountAverageNumber of connections to the Cloud SQL PostgreSQL instance. Sampled every 60 seconds.
google_cloudsql_database_postgresql_transaction_countPostgresql Transaction CountCountAverageDelta count of number of transactions. Sampled every 60 seconds.
google_cloudsql_database_stateStateCountAverageThe current serving state of the Cloud SQL instance.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_innodb_buffer_pool_pages_dirtyMysql Innodb Buffer Pool Pages DirtyCountAverageNumber of unflushed pages in the InnoDB buffer pool.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_innodb_buffer_pool_pages_freeMysql Innodb Buffer Pool Pages FreeCountAverageNumber of unused pages in the InnoDB buffer pool.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_innodb_buffer_pool_pages_totalMysql Innodb Buffer Pool Pages TotalCountAverageTotal number of pages in the InnoDB buffer pool.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_replication_seconds_behind_masterMysql Replication Seconds Behind MasterCountAverageNumber of seconds the read replica is behind its master.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_replication_slave_io_runningMysql Replication Slave IO RunningCountAverageIndicates whether the I/O thread for reading the masters binary log is running.
google_cloudsql_database_mysql_replication_slave_sql_runningMysql Replication Slave SQL RunningCountAverageIndicates whether the SQL thread for executing events in the relay log is running.
google_cloudsql_database_network_received_bytes_countNetwork Received bytes CountBytesAverageDelta count of bytes received through the network.
google_cloudsql_database_postgresql_replication_replica_byte_lagPostgresql Replication Replica byte LagBytesAverageDelta count of bytes received through the network.

Event support

  • Supported
  • Configurable in OpsRamp Google Integration Discovery Profile.

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