Compute Engine instances can run the public images for Linux and Windows Server that Google provides as well as private custom images that you can create or import from your existing systems. You can also deploy Docker containers, which are automatically launched on instances running the Container-Optimized OS public image.

You can choose the machine properties of your instances, such as the number of virtual CPUs and the amount of memory, by using a set of predefined machine types or by creating your own custom machine types.

Each instance belongs to a Google Cloud Console project, and a project can have one or more instances.

  • When you create an instance in a project, you specify the zone, operating system, and machine type of that instance.
  • When you delete an instance, it is removed from the project.


To set up the OpsRamp Google integration and discover the Google service, go to Google Integration Discovery Profile,
select Instances > Perform Actions and check Manage Devices.


OpsRamp MetricMetric Display NameUnitAggregation TypeDescription
google_compute_firewall_dropped_bytes_countFirewall Dropped Bytes CountCountAverageDelta count of incoming bytes dropped by the firewall.
google_compute_firewall_dropped_packets_countFirewall Dropped Packets CountCountAverageDelta count of incoming packets dropped by the firewall.
google_compute_instance_cpu_usage_timeCPU usageCountAverageObtain the per-core CPU utilization ratio by performing a rate operation on a point: doubleValue/(end-start), then divide by instance/cpu/reserved_cores at the corresponding end timestamp.
google_compute_instance_cpu_reserved_coresReserved coresCountAverageNumber of cores reserved on the host of the instance.
google_compute_instance_disk_read_bytes_countDisk read bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes read from disk.
google_compute_instance_disk_read_ops_countDisk read operationsCountAverageDelta count of disk read I/O operations
google_compute_instance_disk_write_bytes_countDisk write bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes written to disk.
google_compute_instance_disk_write_ops_countDisk write operationsCountAverageDelta count of disk write I/O operations.
google_compute_instance_disk_throttled_read_bytes_countThrottled read bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes in throttled read operations.
google_compute_instance_disk_throttled_read_ops_countThrottled read operationsCountAverageDelta count of throttled read operations.
google_compute_instance_disk_throttled_write_bytes_countThrottled write bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes in throttled write operations.
google_compute_instance_disk_throttled_write_ops_countThrottled write operationsCountAverageDelta count of throttled write operations.
google_compute_instance_network_received_bytes_countReceived bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes received from network.
google_compute_instance_network_received_packets_countReceived packetsPacketsAverageDelta count of packets received from network.
google_compute_instance_network_sent_bytes_countSent bytesBytesAverageDelta count of bytes sent over network.
google_compute_instance_network_sent_packets_countSent packetsPacketsAverageDelta count of packets sent over network.
google_compute_instance_integrity_early_boot_validation_statusInstance Integrity Early Boot Validation StatusCountAverageValidation status of early boot integrity policy.
google_compute_instance_integrity_late_boot_validation_statusInstancec Integrity Late Boot Validation StatusCountAverageValidation status of late boot integrity policy.
google_compute_instance_cpu_utilizationCPU utilizationPercentMAXFraction of the allocated CPU that is currently in use on the instance. This value can be greater than 1.0 on some machine types that allow bursting. Sampled every 60 seconds. After sampling, data is not visible for up to 240 seconds.
google_compute_mirroring_dropped_packets_countDropped packetsCountAverageDelta count of dropped mirrored packets.
google_compute_mirroring_mirrored_bytes_countMirrored bytesBytesAverageDelta count of mirrored bytes.
cloud.instance.stateStatus/StateN/AN/AInstance status state.

Event support

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