Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) provides a comprehensive and scalable file storage solution that delivers file scalability and flexibility for workload consolidation across enterprises.

OpsRamp integrates with HNAS using REST APIs exposed through HNAS gateways.

Supported versions

  • Operating system: NAS 13.2 & above
  • Gateway version: 8.0 HF cg & above

OpsRamp configuration

Configuration involves:

  1. Installing and configuring the integration.
  2. Adding a discovery and monitoring profile.

Step 1: Install and configure the integration

  1. From All Clients, select a client.
  2. Go to Setup > Integrations > Integrations.
  3. From Available Integrations, select Adapter > Hitachi HNAS and click Install.
  4. Select Add to set configuration and enter details for the following:
    • Name: Configuration name
    • HNAS IP Address
    • Port
    • Protocol
    • Credentials: Provide username and password
  5. Select Resource Types & Metrics
    • Configure threshold values and alert conditions for one or more metrics.
  6. Click Save.
Hitachi HNAS - Update Adaptor Configuration

Hitachi HNAS - Update Adaptor Configuration

Step 2: Add a discovery and monitoring schedule

To add a discovery profile:

  1. From the Update Adapter Configuration section, enable Discovery Schedule.
  2. Select Recurrence Pattern from the dropdown values and configure.
  3. Update Monitoring Schedule. By default it is set to 30 minutes.
  4. Save the integration.

Once the integration is saved properly, Hitachi HNAS storage resources are discovered and monitoring is enabled as per the configured metric criteria. The HNAS storage resource appears in the Hitachi HNAS category in the Infrastructure page.

Supported metrics

The following table shows the supported resource components and corresponding metrics.

HNAS ComponentOpsRamp Metric NameOpsRamp Metric Display NameMetric Units
FileDevicehnas_filedevice_Statushnas filedevice status
  • 1-ROBUST
StoragePoolhnas_storagepool_Healthstatushnas storage pool healthBOOLEAN
hnas_storagepool_Freecapacityhnas storage pool free capacityBytes
hnas_storagepool_Usedcapacityhnas storage pool used capacityBytes
hnas_storagepool_Capacityutilizationhnas storage pool percentagePercentage
SystemDrivehnas_systemdrive_Capacityhnas system drives capacityBytes
hnas_systemdrive_Statushnas device system drives status
  • 1 - OK
  • 2 - OFFLINE
  • 7 - FAILED
hnas_systemdrive_IsAccessAllowedhnas system drives is access allowedBOOLEAN
hnas_systemdrive_IsAssignedToStoragePoolhnas system drives is assigned to storage poolBOOLEAN
hnas_systemdrive_IsMirroredhnas system drive is mirroredBOOLEAN
hnas_systemdrive_IsMirrorPrimaryhans system drives is mirror primaryBOOLEAN
VirtualServerhnas_virtualserver_Statushnas virtual server status
  • 1 - ONLINE
  • 3 - DISABLED
  • 0 - OFFLINE
FileSystemhnas_filesystem_Freecapacityhnas filesystem free capacityBytes
hnas_filesystem_Usedcapacityhnas file system used capacityBytes
hnas_filesystem_Logicalfreecapacityhnas file system logical free capacityBytes
hnas_filesystem_Utilizationhnas file system percentagePercentage
hnas_filesystem_Statushnas file system status
  • 1 - MOUNTED
  • 2 - CHECKING
  • 3 - FAILING
  • 4 - FIXING
  • 5 - MOUNTING
  • 8 - NOT_FOUND
hnas_filesystem_IsDedupeEnabledhnas filesystem isdedupeenabledBOOLEAN
Nodehnas_node_Statushnas node status
  • 1 - ONLINE
  • 2 - NOT_UP
  • 3 - DEAD
  • 4 - INVALID
  • 5 - UP
  • 6 - DORMANT
  • 0 - UNKNOWN
hnas_node_disk_ReadLatencyhnas disk read latency for nodesmilliSeconds
hnas_node_diskstripe_WriteLatencyhnas disk stripe write latencymilliSeconds
hnas_node_disk_WriteLatencyhnas disk write latencymilliSeconds
hnas_node_ethernet_Throughput_rxhnas ethernet throughput rxMbps
hnas_node_fibrechannel_Throughput_rxhnas fibre channel throughput for rxMbps
hnas_node_fibrechannel_throughput_txhnas fibre channel throughput for txMbps
hnas_node_fsi_CacheUsagehnas node fsi cache usagePercentage
hnas_node_HeapUsagehnas node heap usagePercentage
hnas_node_Mfb_loadhnas node mfb UsagePercentage
hnas_node_Mmb_loadhnas node mmb load percentagePercentage
hnas_node_TotalOperationhnas total operations per sec for nodePerSec
hnas_node_nvram_WaitedAllocshnas nvram waited allocsCount
hnas_node_PI_tcp_sockets_receive_fibreshnas pi and tcp socket receive fibresCount
hnas_node_Running_bossock_fibreshnas running bossock fibresCount
hnas_node_filesystem_Opspersechnas file system operations per sec for each nodePer Sec
hnas_node_virus_scanCounthnas virus scan countCount
hnas_node_virus_scanCleancounthnas virus scan clean countCount
hnas_node_virus_scanErrorshnas virus scan errorsCount
hnas_node_virus_scanInfectionsFoundhnas virus scan infections foundCount
hnas_node_virus_scanActionsTakenhnas virus scan actions takenCount
hnas_node_virus_scanInfectionsRepairedhnas virus scan infections repairedCount
hnas_node_virus_scanfiles_DeleteCounthnas virus scan files delete countCount
hnas_node_virus_scanfiles_QuarantinedCounthnas virus scan files quarantined countCount
hnas_node_fibre_channel_PortStatushnas fibre channel port statusENUM(UP)
hnas_node_iscsi_Current_sessionshnas iscsi current sessionsCount
hnas_node_iscsi_Current_connectionshnas iscsi current connectionsCount
hnas_node_tcpip_Failed_connectionshnas tcpip failed connectionsCount
hnas_node_nvram_Sizehnas nvram sizeGiga Bytes
hnas_node_nvram_MaxUsehnas nvram maximum useGiga Bytes
hnas_node_nvram_CurrentUsehnas nvram currently in useMega Bytes
hnas_node_nvram_Utilizationhnas nvram utilizationPercentage
hnas_node_snmp_input_General_errorshnas snmp input general errorsCount
hnas_node_snmp_input_Asn_parse_errorshnas snmp input asn parse errorsCount
hnas_node_snmp_output_Packetshnas snmp output packetsCount
hnas_node_snmp_output_GeneralErrorshnas snmp output general errorsCount
hnas_node_snmp_output_Trapshnas snamp output trapsCount
hnas_node_snmp_drops_SilentDropshnas snmp silent dropsCount
hnas_node_snmp_drops_ProxyDropshnas snmp proxy dropsCount
hnas_node_ftp_sessions_Activehnas ftp active sessionsCount
hnas_node_ftp_sessions_Total_sessionshnas ftp total sessionsCount
hnas_node_ftp_sessions_Active_transfershnas ftp active transfersCount
hnas_node_ftp_files_Incoming_Active_sessionshnas ftp files incoming active sessionsCount
hnas_node_ftp_files_outgoing_Active_sessionshnas ftp files outgoing active sessionsCount
hnas_node_ftp_files_Total_outgoinghnas ftp files total outgoingCount
hnas_node_ftp_files_Total_incominghnas ftp files total incomingCount
hnas_node_ftp_Data_incominghnas ftp data incomingCount
hnas_node_ftp_Data_outgoinghnas ftp data outgoingCount
hnas_node_ftp_data_incoming_Active_sessionshnas ftp data incoming active sessionsCount
hnas_node_ftp_data_outgoing_Active_sessionshnass ftp data outgoing active sessionsCount
hnas_node_cifs_smb_statistics_Connections_counthnas cifs smb connectionsCount
hnas_node_cifs_smb_statistics_Shares_mapped_counthnas cifs smb shares mapped connectionsCount
hnas_node_cifs_smb_TransportDisconnectshnas cifs smb transport disconnectsCount
hnas_node_cifs_smb_UnorphanedFilereopenshnas cifs smb unorphaned fies reopensCount
hnas_node_cifs_smb_Durreopenedfileidallocfailureshnas cifs smb durreopened file id alloc failuresCount
hnas_node_cifs_smb_Durorphanfilereopenfailureshnas cifs smb dur orphan file reopen failuresCount
hnas_node_cifs_smb_Durpreserveorphanfailureshnas cifs smb dur preserve orphan failuresCount

Metrics by monitor name

Monitor NameMetric
Hitachi HNAS - CIFS Traffichnas_cifs_BytesRead
Hitachi HNAS - NFS Traffichnas_nfs_BytesRead
Hitachi HNAS - CPU Utilizationhnas_CpuUtilization
Hitachi HNAS - NVRAM Pool Waited Allocationshnas_nvrampool_WaitedAllocations
Hitachi HNAS - Cluster Quorum Device Statushnas_clusterquorum_DeviceStatus
Hitachi HNAS - Temperature Sensorhnas_temperaturesensor_Status
Hitachi HNAS - Fanhnas_fan_SpeedStatus
Hitachi HNAS - Power Supply Unit Statushnas_powersupplyunit_Status
Hitachi HNAS - Chassis Drive Statushnas_chassisdrive_Status

What to do next

After integration profile is created, you can do the following:

  • View the integration: Go to Infrastructure > Resources.
  • Validate that the resource was successfully added to OpsRamp.
  • View metrics graphs from the Infrastructure > Metrics.

To confirm the monitoring of Hitachi HNAS resource, review the following:

  • The graph plotted for each metric that is enabled in the configuration.
  • Alerts generated for metrics that are configured as per defined integration.