Notifications are contents that provide information and insights for an actionable event that is derived from policy-driven rules on a set of resource(s). The main purpose of creating notification is to notify the administrators of an escalation or for any required action. Administrators can respond to the action items using the different notification channels.

The following notification channels are supported:

  • Email (all notification types)
  • SMS (alerts only)
  • Voice (alerts only)

Notification channels

You can configure the preceding notification channels from the preferences section in the user profile based on notification priority.

Notifications can be configured for the following features:

  • User Profile
  • Alerts
  • Service Desk
  • Patch
  • Reports
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Knowledge Base

The other advantages of receiving notifications are as follows:

  • The resource owners can take the appropriate action.
  • The stakeholders can understand the state.

The Notification feature is a single platform that lets you configure and receive notifications for escalation or actions.