OpsRamp offers three new sets of packages to accustom a well-organized and a less complicated platform. The packages can guarantee a chaos free onboarding, monitoring setup, and alerting. A partner administrator can define packages for users in the organization and monitor the health of the resources.

What are the different types of packages available at OpsRamp?

OpsRamp provides three sets of packages, namely:

  • Hybrid Discovery and Monitoring
    OpsRamp’s Hybrid Discovery and Monitoring package is designed to discover, monitor, alert, and report on a user’s infrastructure. This package used independently is ideal for scenarios where administrators have existing event correlation and remediation tools and are just looking for visibility into their infrastructure. This package is comprised of:
    • Resource Management
    • Monitoring
    • Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Alerting & Forwarding
    • Anomaly Detection and Metric Forecasting
  • Event and Incident Management
    OpsRamp’s Event and Incident Management package leverages proprietary event correlation algorithms to provide machine learning powered alert reduction, incident creation, and escalation routing for Admins. This package used independently is best for admins who have existing monitoring solutions and are leveraging OpsRamp as an event management tool.
    • Service Desk
    • Alert Correlation
    • First Response Policies
    • Alert Escalation
    • OpsQ Machine Learning Bot
  • Remediation and Automation
    OpsRamp’s Remediation and Automation provide admins with the ability to schedule patch jobs, run remediation tasks, and remote console into resources for maintenance within the OpsRamp console. This package used independently is ideal for admins who have a well-defined incident response, patch management, and automation strategies.
    • Patch Management
    • Run Book Automation
    • Job Automation
    • IT Workflow Automation
    • Remote Access with Session Replay

What can I do with these packages?

As an administrator, you can choose the packages according to your IT Operations requirements.

Can I subscribe to only a single package?

Yes, you can subscribe to a single package depending on your IT Operations requirements.

Which features are unavailable if I do not subscribe to the Remediation and Automation package?

  • The Application Patch Management add-on is not available.
  • The workspace drop-down does not display the Automation option.
  • Following permission sets are not available:
  • Jobs
  • Consoles
  • Patch Approvals
  • Recording Audits
  • Scripts
  • Commands

Which features are unavailable if I do not subscribe to the Event and Incident Management package?

  • Event Enrichment, Scheduled Task, SLA, and SMS & Voice add-ons are not available.
  • Setup does not display the Alerts feature.
  • Following permission sets are not available:
    • OpsQ
    • Incident
    • Change Request
    • Task Request
    • Service Request
    • Problem
    • Time-bound request

Which Add-Ons can I access without subscribing to the Remediation and Automation and Event and Incident Management packages?

The following add-ons are available:

  • Batch Exports
  • Extended Data Retention
  • Projects Management
  • Service Catalog Management
  • SKU Management
  • Stream Exports

What happens if I select a client with no subscription to the Remediation and Automation or Event and Incident Management packages?

If you select a client that is not subscribed to either the Remediation and Automation or Event and Incident Management package, an error message Access Denied! The client is not subscribed to this product package is displayed on the following pages:

  • Alerts
  • Service Desk
  • Automation

Can I access Reports if I subscribe only to a single package?

Yes, you can access Reports even after selecting a single package. However, the display of Standard Reports and Custom Reports varies with the chosen packages. Refer to the following table to understand how the reports displayed for each package:

Available Reports by Product Package
Product PackagesReport
Hybrid Discovery and MonitoringAlert Report
Availability Report
Cloud Report
eBinder Report
Executive Summary Report
Inventory Report
Metric Report
Monitor Details Report
Network Statistics Report
New Metric Report
Schedule Maintenance Report
SKU Report
Event and Incident ManagementTickets Reports
Remediation and AutomationAntivirus Report
Application Patches Report
Audit Report
Console Audit Recordings Report
Network Backup Summary Report
Patch Report
All PackagesAudit Report
Login Activity Report
Tenant Profiles Report
User Report