Authentication provides security by verifying that a user has permission to access the system. When users log in to the system, they provide credentials in the form of a username-password pair, which are validated against the list of registered users.

Authentication can be done using one the the following, proven methods:

  • Two-factor authentication, including FIDO, TOTP, and Yubikey
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Duo Security
  • Native authentication

You can take more steps locally to further protect against malicious actors. This includes not saving passwords in the browser. When presented with the option to save the password, take the following browser-dependent action:

Browser save password dialogs
BrowserRecommend safety guideline
SafariChoose the Never for this Website option.
ChromeChoose the Never for this site option.
FirefoxWhen prompted Would you like to remember the password for USER on, choose the Never Remember Password option.
Microsoft EdgeChoose the Don’t Ask Again option.