Customized, hybrid visibility dashboards provide a visualization of the performance of your infrastructure. You can use out-of-the-box dashboards or create new dashboards, and a dashboard can be set as the default infrastructure view for a specific client or all clients. Dashboards can also be shared with other clients or users.

A dashboard is comprised of widgets, which you can configure to display performance information using a selection of charts.

Dashboard types

The following dashboards are provided:

  • Partner Dashboard

    The dashboard is owned by the partner administrator. A partner dashboard is available to all users. Partner administrators may change the default dashboard.

  • Client Dashboard

    The dashboard is owned by the client administrator and available only to a specific client. A client user can save a partner dashboard and become the dashboard owner.

These dashboards client user private dashboards.

Variables and templates

Using variables, dashboards can be reused widgets but with different resource category values. Variables can be defined in the widgets for values associated with the following resource group categories:

  • Device Group
  • Service Group
  • Site
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker

Built-in templates are provided for Kubernetes and Docker resource groups.

Display options

Display OptionDescription
RefreshReloads and updates dashboard data. Forces a dashboard refresh.
Full ScreenPresents the dashboard and widgets in full-screen mode.
Zoom-In/OutDecreases and increases widget magnification.
Select DurationSets the time-interval for viewing resource performance and availability information.