Streaming live data from OpsRamp involves installing export integration and then creating a stream export.


Set up stream export integration under Setup > Integrations > Exports.

Installing export integration

Intergrate the desired third-party tools with OpsRamp based on the preferences. After successfully integrating with the console, create stream export to route the live data to the target location in AWS EventBridge or to a third-party tool using Webhook.

See AWS EventBridge Integration for more information about installation. See Webhook Integration for more information about installation.

Creating streaming export

Streaming live data at the client level to the target location from OpsRamp is an easy process using console. Select the desired export integration to do live streaming.

To create the streaming export:

  1. Select a client from the All Clients list.
  2. Go to Setup > Exports > Streaming Export and click + Add.
  3. From the NEW STREAMING EXPORT screen, provide the following parameters, and click Save & Run.
    • Streaming Export Name: Refers to the name of the export.
    • Client: Refers to one or more clients that require streaming data.
    • Export Category Type: Refers to the type of data ready for export.
    • Stream Export to: Refers to the Installed Integration to AWS EventBridge or Webhook.
      STREAMING EXPORT LIST displays the new export.
    • Send raw alerts: Select the checkbox to send raw alerts to the desired destination.

After creating the streaming export, manage the export details using:

  • Edit – To modify the streaming export details.
  • Delete – To remove a configured stream data from the OpsRamp console. Click Delete to remove the streaming export.

Viewing streaming export data from OpsRamp

View Stream Export
Streaming Export NameName of the Streaming Export.
Client NameName of the selected clients.
Export Category TypeAlert type data that you want to export.
Export Integration NameThe installed integration name.
Created ByThe owner of the export data.

Viewing streaming export data in AWS S3

Check the corresponding folder in the AWS S3 bucket to view the generated batch exports. For example, Alerts stream data is stored in the Alerts folder.

View Stream Export Data in AWS S3

View Stream Export Data in AWS S3