For better security, you can use valid SSL certificate to access Gateway. When you access the Gateway Web User interface, you receive a message about invalid certificate, but can still ignore and proceed to access.

Gateway web user interface runs on the Nginx web server and is shipped with OpsRamp self-signed SSL certificate by default.

Because the certificate is issued to and your domain is not part of *, the invalid certificate message is displayed.

To avoid the message, you need to upload a valid SSL certificate.

Uploading SSL certificates

If your organization has a valid SSL certificate, you can upload your valid SSL certificate.

To upload an SSL certificate:

  1. Log into the gateway interface.
  2. From the left pane, click the Nginx SSL Configuration option.
  3. Upload your certificate on the SSL Certificate Configuration screen.
  4. Click Restart to apply the changes.

Accessing gateways with SSL certificates

If your organization has a valid certificate issued to * and your gateway is part of the domain and the hostname of the gateway is host1, then you can access Gateway directly without using the IP address.

For example: Use to access the gateway.