You can discover your AWS services through Gateway. Deploy the Gateway AMI (Amazon Machine Image) as EC2 instance in your environment and you can discover and monitor AWS services.


Subscribe to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS-Bionic from Amazon marketplace if you are configuring the Gateway for the first time.


To deploy AWS gateway:

Step 1: OpsRamp console

  1. Log into the OpsRamp console.
  2. Go to Setup > Downloads > Gateway.
  3. In the AWS AMI box, enter your AWS account ID.
  4. Choose a location from the drop-down where you want to configure the Gateway AMI.
  5. Click Request.
    A request email is sent to the OpsRamp support team to provide permission to access Gateway AMI. A confirmation mail is sent to you.

Step 2: AWS console

  1. Log into the AWS console.
  2. Go to Services > EC2.
    The EC2 Instances page opens.
  3. On the left pane, click Images > AMIs.
  4. Click Owned by me and select Private Images from the drop-down list. The page displays all the Gateway AMIs to which you have access.
  5. Select the desired Gateway AMI from the list and click Actions > Launch
  6. On the Choose an Instance Type page, select Instance Type as t2 Medium or greater and click Next: Configure Instance Details.
  7. On the Configure Instance Details page, configure the number of instances depending on the number of Gateways you require and click Next: Add Storage.
    Note: We recommend that you enable Auto-assign Public IP.
  8. On the Add Storage page, specify the volumes to attach to the instance and click Next: Tags.
    Note: By default, the storage volume of the root device is displayed. Minimum requirement is 40 GB disk space.
  9. (Optional) Provide suitable tags for the Gateway and click Configure Security Group.
  10. On the Configure Security Group page, select or create a security group to define firewall rules for your instance to allow inbound traffic on ports 22 and 5480 and click Review and Launch.
  11. On the Review Instance Launch page, review the details of the Gateway AMI and click Launch. A security key pair window opens.
  12. Select Launch without a key pair and click Launch Instance.

Step 3: OpsRamp console

To configure AWS Gateway on OpsRamp console:

  1. Log into the OpsRamp console.
  2. Go to Setup > Resources > Management Profiles.
  3. Create a Gateway management profile.
  4. Register the Gateway.

The Gateway AMI is installed and configured and ready to discover and manage your AWS services.