Using the ISO image, you can install the gateway on VMware ESXi Server using VMware vSphere.

To install the gateway as a virtual machine, download the gateway image, and then create a virtual machine.

Downloading a gateway

To download:

  1. Go to Setup > Downloads > Gateway.
  2. From the ISO image for VMware, Xen, and Hyper-V, click Download.
    Gateway is downloaded on the machine.

Installing gateway as a virtual machine

  1. Connect to the ESXi server, and select Create New Virtual Machine.

  2. From Create New Virtual Machine, provide details for the following:

    • Configuration: Select Typical.
    • Name and Location: Provide a unique name for the virtual machine.
    • Storage: Select a destination storage section to store the virtual machine files.
    • Guest Operating System: Select Linux and the desired version. For example, Ubuntu Linux(64-bit).
    • Network: Select the number of NICs to connect to the network and select Connect at Power ON.
    • Create a Disk: Provide the disk size value and the unit accordingly. Also, select the data store type from the available list. Recommended size: 40 GB.
    • Ready to Complete: View and verify the configuration summary of the new virtual machine.
    • Select the checkbox Edit the virtual machine settings before completion and do the following:
      1. Click Continue.
      2. From the New Virtual Machine Properties window, click the Hardware tab.
      3. From the Hardware tab, provide details for the following:
        • Memory: Provide the memory size (Recommended size is 4 GB) and the corresponding unit in the Memory Configuration section.
        • CPUs: Provide the number of CPUs(Recommended cores: 2 vCPUs).
        • New CD/DVD: Select Data Store ISO and browse to the location where Gateway ISO is downloaded. Also, verify the other hardware details.
      4. Click Finish.

    The ESXi server displays the new virtual machine.

To power on the machine, right-click the machine > Power > Power On. To initiate the gateway installation, hit Enter from the keyboard.

What to do next