Agent-based custom monitors are user-defined instrumentation for specialized workloads. OspRamp provides native monitors, however, you can also create custom monitors by writing your scripts.

Using custom monitor, you can define remote metrics and metric conditions for a monitor and gather the performance insights using an agent that runs on Windows and Linux devices. OpsRamp generates an alert when the threshold surpasses the conditions defined in a metric.

Along with Agent-based monitoring, OpsRamp also provides support for Agentless Custom Monitors

The Agent supports the following monitor types:

  • Generation 1(G1) Monitors - All existing monitors are G1 monitors.
  • Generation 2 (G2) Monitors - Starting from 7.0 release, OpsRamp introduces the G2 monitors for agents. This brings parity across agents and gateway while defining and managing custom monitors and the associated templates.
    Prerequisite for G2 monitors: Agent v7.0.0 and above.

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