To manage your resources, you need to discover and gather information of all your resources. The resources are discovered and monitored through the data collectors such as agents and gateways installed on your systems.

OpsRamp uses Management Profile to indicate which Gateway or Agent, a given resource is monitored through.

An agent is an executable application that runs on managed devices having MS Windows and Linux Operating Systems. It manages devices such as servers, desktop and laptops. You can discover and collect data of your device through agents installed on your systems.

To collect data through the agent, you need an agent management profile.

Creating agent management profiles

To create a new agent management profile:

  1. Go to Setup > Resources > Management Profiles and provide the following:
    • Client Name: Refers to the name of the Client.
    • Profile Type: Specifies whether the profile is created for agent or gateway.

      If the profile type is Agent, provide the following:
      • Device Type: Select the Device Type from the drop-down list.
      • Device: Select the Device from the drop-down list.
    • Profile Name: Give a suitable name to the profile being created. The naming convention typically should match the Device Type.
    • Description: Optional description in brief about the profile being created.
  2. Click Submit.

A new page, View Management Profile, opens and display details for the agent profile.