To support your business, you need visibility into what IT assets you own or rent across hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure. To keep a vigil, you need to access data about all your IT assets and their inter-dependencies. OpsRamp helps you in creating a holistic inventory of all your physical and virtual hardware resources.

Through Discovery feature, creating an asset inventory (on-premises and cloud) and adding new devices of your expanding data center, automatically, to the existing list was never easier. See the what, where, and how of your hybrid infrastructure, with a complete topology view of your IT services, assets, and resources.

Combined with OpsRamp monitoring, or other automation tools, your DevOps team can now fully automate the IT asset management processes.

The Discovery feature provides:

  • Hybrid visibility – Tracks your inventory of physical, virtual, and cloud-native assets.
  • Lifecycle management – Optimizes your IT asset footprint with the right set of insights.
  • Business view of IT – Constructs a complete picture of your IT service dependencies.
  • Cloud cost management – Tracks cloud expenses across your different business unit.

Getting started 

Discovering your resources involves two easy steps:

  1. Managing Discovery Profiles: Discovery profile defines the range of devices that you want to discover. You can create multiple discovery profiles, each for a different set of devices and then save and reuse each profile for future discoveries.
  2. Scanning your Resources: To discover the resources, schedule a scan as per your convenience or scan for the devices manually.

Once all the devices are discovered, find all your devices in the folder path:
Infrastructure Workspace > Resources > Discovered