HTTP/HTTPS monitor tests the availability of the server to handle requests and calculates the connection time.

Creating HTTP/HTTPS synthetic monitor

After selecting the synthetic monitor type, to configure the HTTP/HTTPS synthetic monitor:

  1. From the Add Synthetic window, provide details for the following parameters and click Save.
    • Name: Refers to the unique name of the selected synthetic monitor.
      Note: The value entered in the Name field must be unique. If the name is not unique, the screen displays an error message: Name Already Exists.
    • URL: Refers to the name of the URL that you want to monitor.
    • Locations: Refers to the desired locations from where you want to monitor the URL.
    • Authentication Type: Supported authentication types are Basic and NTLM. You need to enter the Username and Password after selecting the Authentication Type.
      The screen displays a confirmation message about the successful addition of the synthetic monitor.
  2. Click OK.
    The Synthetics page displays the configured synthetic monitor.

To manage a configured synthetic monitor:

  • Edit – To modify the existing details of the configured synthetic monitors.
  • Delete – To remove the configured synthetic monitor.
  • Scheduled Maintenance – To move any configured synthetic monitor to Scheduled Maintenance.

After configuring, view metrics, and graphical representations for more information.

Metrics for HTTP/HTTPS monitor types

Metrics for HTTP/HTTPS Monitor Types
Monitor TypesUnitsRecommended MetricsDescription
HTTP/HTTPS-availability.down.location.countLocation Count: The number of locations where the configured host is down
HTTP/HTTPSMillisecondssynthetic.response.timeResponse time: Duration to do the configured HTTP Method (GET, POST, PUT, HEAD) to specified URL
HTTP/HTTPSMillisecondssynthetic.response.lookuptimeName Lookup Time: Duration from the start until the DNS name is resolved
HTTP/HTTPSMillisecondssynthetic.response.connecttimeConnection Time: Duration from the start until the webserver is connected
HTTPSMillisecondssynthetic.response.appconnecttimeAppConnect Time: Duration from start until SSL/SSH handshake is completed
HTTP/HTTPSMillisecondssynthetic.response.starttransfertimeStart TransferTime: Duration from start until just when the first byte is received
HTTP/HTTPSMillisecondssynthetic.response.redirecttimeRedirect Time: Time taken for all redirect steps before the final transfer
HTTP/HTTPSMillisecondssynthetic.response.pretransfertimePretransfer Time: Duration from the start until the file (requested page) transfer is just about to begin

Graphical representation for metrics

Graphical Representation

Graphical Representation

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