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Patch Management Overview

Provides information about patch management.

Approving Patches

Describes the steps to approve a patch.

Configuring Patch Compliance

Describes how to configure patch compliance and view the patch compliance configuration list.

Configuring Patch Notifications

Describes how to configure patch and patch job notifications and view generated alerts.

Configuring Patch Schedules

Describes the steps to add and schedule a patch.

Managing Application Patches

Describes how to install and update application patches.

Creating Patch Baselines

Describes the steps to create a patch baseline.

Installing Patch Feeds

Describes the steps to install a patch feed.

Rating Patches

Describes the steps to rate a patch.

Managing Resources with Missing Patches

Describes how to create and view jobs and resources with missing patches.

Patch Management FAQs

Provides commoN patch management related questions