How are missing patches obtained for the devices?

You can create and run missing patches request job to identify the missing patches.

What are the different types of approvals?

Types of approvals are:

  • Auto approve: Automatically gets approved.
  • Manual approval: Needs approval for installation manually.

What are the different phases of patch in Alert Browser?

The alerts stages for patch completion are:

  1. Initiate search
  2. Download initiated
  3. Install complete
  4. Patch management completed

What happens when the device goes down in the patch window?

To do any action, the devices must be up and running. If the device goes offline, you cannot do any action.

What happens if the patch fails?

Raise a critical alert as patch installation failed with a reason.

When rebooting for the devices after patching what happens to the missing reboots?

If the user configures to reboot servers after patching, the following pop-up is displayed:

Patching completed and need to reboot.

If you want, reboot at that time, otherwise, ignore when the automatic reboot is not enabled.

What is the reason for creating a job?

After creating a job, you can gather missing patches details from the servers configured at the device.

What is the reason for the mismatch in the patches of a local machine with the servers patches?

Check the server settings that can be a Microsoft server or WSUS server [local].

Can incidents be created during patching?

No, Incidents are not created during patching.